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Wish Watch

The background behind Batik Sentinel is batik as UNESCO’s world heritage which was made official in 2009. Batik is not just a piece of fabric. Batik is not only the process of making patterns on white cloth then sketched with wax and then dipped in colorant. In batik, there lies substantial knowledge, history, the story of its distribution throughout the whole country, as well as a variety of pattern philosophies.

With the awareness to bring batik into a broader spectrum to the international league, WISH was born with an all-Indonesian concept, embodied in batik watches. The watches came in three basic colors which could well be adjusted with a variety of straps. Silver for the classics, Black for the edgy people, while Rose Gold existed for the graceful personalities. The addition of the ‘practicality button’ to easily change the straps, also made the owner more flexible in choosing their personal style. They could be traditional yet modern with the batik strap or change it to minimalistic-classic in seconds.